1981 Fleishman custom 5 string Electric Upright Bass
1967 Gibson EB-2 hollowbody – cherry finish, rosewood fingerboard
1940s Kay “no name” string bass w/ Barbera pickup
1986 G&L Fretless L-2000 bass – white finish, ebony fingerboard
1986 G&L Fretted L-2000 bass – transparent blue finish – maple board (currently on display at the Musicians Hall of Fame)
G&L ASAT bass with vibrato bridge
G&L L-2500 5 string fretless bass - green finish
1980’s Music Man 5 string bass – blue finish – maple fingerboard
1963 Fender Precision – natural finish – rosewood fingerboard
2007 Sadowsky 4 string - quilted maple, transparent gold finish
1997 Reverend Rumblefish 4 string – "bug eye" black chrome finish - rosewood board
1997 Reverend Rumblefish 5 string – turquoise finish – rosewood fingerboard
Reverend Brad Houser 5 string bass – black/silver finish – rosewood board
1964 Framus Star bass – short scale hollowbody – red/black finish – rosewood board
1970s Framus Nashville 4 string bass – natural finish
2007 Alleva-Coppolo custom 5 string jazz style bass – burnt orange finish, rosewood board
Modulus 4 string bass - red/gold finish, single pickup
Gold Tone Banjo Bass - natural finish
Gold Tone 25" scale acoustic Micro Bass
Gold Tone Dobro bass
1980s Gibson Thunderbird fretted 4 string – gold finish, custom black pickguard
1980s Gibson Thunderbird fretted 4 string – gold finish, custom black pickguard
Yamaha TRB 5 – natural finish – rosewood fingerboard
1960s EKO short scale bass – “mother of toilet seat” finish, rosewood board
Lakland Jerry Scheff 5 string bass – turquoise finish – maple fingerboard
“No Name” Mexican 4 string acoustic bass guitar
1980s Washburn 4 string acoustic bass guitar
2011 Guild 4 string acoustic bass guitar
1967 German made Klira “Beatle Bass” 4 string bass guitar
Dean hollowbody "Gretsch style" 4 string bass – orange finish
Dean 10 string (5x2) natural dark finish
Little 4 string Torzal bass – natural finish – helix fingerboard
Kudela custom 4 string bass guitar – natural finish
Kala U-Bass hollowbody fretted 4 string – natural finish
Kala U-Bass hollowbody fretless 4 string – natural finish
Kala U-Bass solid body 5 string - grey finish
Boulder Creek 5 string acoustic bass guitar - natural finish
Boulder Creek 4 string fretless acoustic bass guitar
Jerry Jones 6 string Danolectro style bass guitar – gold finish
Music Man 6 string bass guitar - black finish
1960s Silvertone 4 string bass guitar – red/black sunburst
Tiesco Del Rey 4 string bass guitar – red finish
Hamer 12 string bass guitar – orange/red sunburst
R.M. Mottola Bass "Family" - standard, piccolo, 2 piccolino basses, natural finish
Wishnevsky "Banana Bass" - large plywood bass w Danolectro neck and tele pickup
Wishnevsky 4 string fretless hollowback bass guitar

Tube Tech MEC-1A Recording channel
Trace Elliot Valve-Type preamp
Ampeg SVT preamp
Line 6 Bass Pod Pro
Avalon U5 Direct Box

Roland GT-10B Multi-effects
Roland RC-50 and RC-300 Loopers
Roland SE-70 and VF-1 Multi Effects
Pigtronix Echolution delay pedal
Pigtronix Mothership synth pedal
Pigtronix Infinity looper
Tech 21 Sans Amp distortion
SWR Mo'Bass Preamp

SWR Red Head (2)
SWR Natural Blonde (2)
SWR WorkingPro 12 (2)
Trace Elliot - V-Type